Fun & effective full body workout!

Boxercise is a circuit class including boxing style stations and techniques. Learn over eight different punches and movements using focus pads. The workout uses the whole body and the time flys as you work on body movement, agility and momentum. If you stick with the boxercise workout you'll get fit and enhance muscle definition, but you won't gain bulk. It's great for relieving stress too!


The core objectives of circuit training are to increase muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. The fast pace and constant switching between equipment and exercises tackles all the major muscle groups and combines strength training and aerobics in one session.

As you get fitter, the number of reps you can do in a given time will increase and rest periods decrease.

Advanced booking required


FREE to all of our Premier members.

FREE to all of our Sunlight members between 9am - 4pm.

£4.80 for non members.

If you haven't joined one of our fantastic value membership packages yet, don't worry as you can still pay per class. Cost is £4.80 per class.

How do I book?

Alternatively, you can call reception on (01482) 395 230 to reserve your place now.


Safe and effective professional exercise classes require a warm up. Please arrive on time for classes so we can achieve this professionalism.

Most classes are suitable for 14 years and upwards, however this is at the discretion of the fitness coach and excludes classes which include the use of weights. No restrictions for 16 years upwards.

Children under 14 years are not allowed to accompany parents into an exercise class area.