East Riding Leisure Haltemprice taken over by local artist Patrick Coyle

Customers of East Riding Leisure Haltemprice, in Anlaby, can enjoy a specially commissioned artwork by locally born artist Patrick Coyle, which has taken over the library, the swimming pool, the café and a squash court in the leisure centre until November.

Inspired by the joined-up nature of the building, Coyle interweaves three of its distinct environments through writing, performance and sculptural installation.

He has written a collection of overlapping texts that link Anlaby Library to the swimming pool and to the Cafe Vibe in the centre. These narratives are interspersed by Patrick throughout the leisure centre in the form of a self-guided tour, which acts as something between a nature trail and a treasure hunt.

One of the highlights is the learner swimming pool changing colour (to become orange) at set times.

Patrick Coyle, 34 – born in Beverley - is back on his home turf, having recently delivered performances at the Austrian Cultural Forum in London; the Global Committee in New York; Buenos Aires; Belfast; Tate Modern in London; and Nottingham Contemporary. He now lives in the United States.

He explained : “I used to come to this Centre for swimming as a child, and I am delighted to see how it has changed so much – for the better - over the years. With this new installation – ‘High Enterprise ‘ – I have tried to weave a strange narrative to connect all the different areas together, including a link to the library during the Lit Up literature festival.

“I hope that people will be drawn in to the Centre to have a look round by the giant lettering in the huge windows at the front. I have tried to create a very playful engagement with the space available, and to show the organic growth from the materials I have used which are associated with one particular area of the Centre and how they link to another area. For example, the swimming pool noodles suddenly appear in the library!

“It’s all about creating a balance between a visual stimulus and creating something in your mind.

“The staff here at the Centre have been amazing as we have created this installation. They have generated their own ideas to add to mine – I am delighted to say that their attitude has been to say “Yes and” rather than ‘Yes but…”

The free exhibition will be open Monday – Wednesday between 10am and 4pm; Thursdays between 1pm and 6pm; and Friday – Sunday between 10am and 4pm, until 3 November.

The learner pool ‘dyeing’ times will be:

  • Monday 5 – 7pm 
  • Tuesday 4 – 5pm 
  • Wednesday 5 – 7pm 
  • Thursday 5 – 7pm 
  • Friday 12 – 3pm

For further information please visit www.litup.org.uk

noodle art
noodle art