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Health and Boditrax

East Riding Leisure will be offering extra help exclusively for members looking to improve their health and fitness by introducing state of the art Boditrax scanners.

Trialling at the Beverley and Haltemprice sites, the Boditrax precision scanners will be available to members at these sites free of charge (subject to availability).

Boditrax offers a revolutionary way to track your health and fitness on a whole new level!

Boditrax uses a medically approved body analyzer, it creates personal profiles for each individual and a detailed report to help manage weight loss, increase energy or fitness levels, boost well being and aid professional training.

Trusted by the leading experts in healthcare, sport and leisure, boditrax is used by leading hospitals, universities, corporations, formula one, premier league football and other elite sports teams.

By using the latest Boditrax technology you will be able to track more than just your weight and BMI.

You will be able to monitor changes in your body composition and see how all your hard work is really changing your health and physique whilst setting training goals around meaningful statistics tailored to you.

Initial boditrax scan appointments will take around 30 minutes, and will be part of your Health Plus appointment with our fitness instructors.

This is followed by a more detailed scan around 21 days later, taking around an hour.

After your initial Health Plus scans, members are entitled to upto four scans a year (one every quarter)

To book, please contact East Riding Leisure Beverley or Haltemprice

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