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Calling all Beverley and Withernsea members!

Would you like to try out some brand-new technology, join a fitness peer group with like-minded gym goers at your centre, improve your gym experience and be 42% more likely to achieve your fitness goals?

We've partnered with GroupPT to trial their solution, to give you the opportunity to experience all of those things!

If you're interested, sign up online for free now for the 10-week trial:

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The trial scheme, which is free to members, will launch on Monday, 19 February 2024 as a pilot for 10 weeks.

Not a member of East Riding Leisure Beverley or Withernsea? Register your interest for your centre.

What is a fitness peer group?

A fitness peer group is for individuals who are:

  • open-minded
  • serious about achieving their fitness goals
  • wants to connect with other East Riding Leisure members
  • benefits from accountability
  • likes working out with others

The GroupPT peer group matching technology:

  • creates fitness peer groups of individuals with the
    • same goals
    • same ability
    • and the same availability

This allows you to:

  • schedule workouts
  • track workout streaks

Enabling everyone to feel:

  • connected with a community
  • greater motivation
  • less intimidated
  • greater enjoyment!

About the partnership

East Riding Leisure has become the first to partner with GroupPT, a UK-based technology start-up whose purpose is to connect people, reduce social isolation and increase levels of physical activity.

We're trialling the technology at East Riding Leisure Beverley and Withernsea centres.

This pilot is free to members and will launch on Monday, 19 February 2024 for 10 weeks.

The GroupPT technology uses data (which you provide when you sign up) to match you with other members of the same East Riding Leisure centre who share fitness goals.

Once members join GroupPT and create a profile, the AI algorithm uses the data provided during the signup process to match members at the centres into small peer groups of four people with shared goals, availability, and ability.

The platform then uses WhatsApp to connect members in peer groups allowing them to schedule workouts together, track each other's streak, hold each other accountable and message each other.

Tim Hicks, East Riding Leisure Health and Wellbeing manager commented:

We are delighted to be the first to trial this unique solution to bring members together and enhance their overall experience using our wide range of fitness services. If the trial is successful at Beverley and Withernsea, we hope to roll this out across our centres.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up – members who want to can sign up to GroupPT online
  2. Receive welcome email – once signed up you will receive a welcome email
  3. Receive peer group matching confirmation email – once the technology has found you a peer group you will receive another email
  4. Meet with peer group in person – you will then meet your peer group in person at your home leisure centre, which will be facilitated by Daniel (CEO and Founder of GroupPT) who will explain the purpose of the service and what you can expect during the trial
  5. Join WhatsApp group – after this initial meeting you will join a WhatsApp group with your peer group and Daniel
  6. Schedule workouts together and track each other's progress – you will then be able to schedule workouts together and track each other's progress towards common goals.

What is GroupPT?

GroupPT is a UK-based technology start-up whose purpose is to connect people, reduce social isolation and increase levels of physical activity.

The platform then allows them to message each other, share their schedules, track each other’s streaks, hold each other accountable and track progress towards common goals.

GroupPT has ambitious plans and their vision is to connect 500,000 people at their gyms by 2028. They want to be the go-to online community-building platform for fitness facilities with the sole purpose of increasing interactions between members, and between staff and members.

The fitness sector is growing and as more people join the sector, some of whom may have never been to a gym before, technology solutions like GroupPT can be used to enhance gym members' experience and increase the probability of them reaching their fitness goals and hence improving their physical and mental health.

GroupPT’s founder, former technology consultant and qualified personal trainer, Daniel Robinson said:

I’m so pleased with East Riding Leisure’s commitment to innovation and becoming the first to pilot our technology. By combining social connection with movement, we can help people overcome barriers such as intimidation, boredom, lack of knowledge and accountability and improve members fitness experience to make it more enjoyable, connected and personalised.

FAQs about GroupPT

Why is GroupPT being trialled?

Both East Riding Leisure and GroupPT share the belief that connecting people with shared fitness goals together creates stronger communities and improves physical/mental health.

We’re aware that some people may feel daunted about starting or continuing their fitness journey as they may feel uncomfortable in the gym environment, they may not know anyone, they may feel embarrassed, they may lack motivation or they may not know what to do.

We believe that connecting like-minded individuals into supportive peer groups can help people overcome these barriers and help them stay on track with their fitness goals.

Connecting people in person like this can also help reduce social isolation and make the leisure centre environment one where people feel empowered to reach their fitness goals over the long term.

If there is a lot of uptake during the trial and members are getting value from the solution there will be an option to continue and roll out to other centres.

When and where is GroupPT available?

East Riding Leisure is going to be trialling the technology at East Riding Leisure Beverley and Withernsea centres.

The trial scheme will launch for members aged 16 years and over at both centres on Monday, 19 February 2024 as a pilot for 8 weeks. After this, there will be a period of evaluation to determine how effective the solution was. Depending on the results of the trial, it may or may not be rolled out to all East Riding Leisure centres, and all members. Any feedback received will be considered within the evaluation.

If you're an East Riding Leisure member at another centre and would like to register your interest, please email Emma Ringe.

Where and what workouts will take place?​

Workouts can take place at any location included in your membership and the workouts you can follow could be created by us, created by your peer group, a personal trainer at your facility (the cost of which can be split across the group) or a group class aligned to your goals.​

How much does it cost?

The GroupPT trial scheme is free for East Riding Leisure members!

It is not mandatory, it is an optional service. You can choose if you would like to be in a peer group or not.​

How do I sign up?

If you're an East Riding Leisure member at either Beverley or Withernsea and are at least 16 years old, you can sign up for the GroupPT 8-week trial.

Sign up to GroupPT

The form takes around 5 minutes to complete.

What are the benefits?

  • feel more connected and part of the community.​
  • achieve your fitness goals by being in a peer group, due to the increased accountability and social influence of others who share your goals, ability and availability. ​
  • meet like-minded individuals who you might not have come across otherwise.​
  • keep on track with your fitness goals.​

What features are included?​

  • Match – meet like-minded individuals at your gym based on shared goals, ability and availability.
  • Message – contact each other to share resources and encourage each other.
  • Schedule – weekly schedule to plan your workouts with your peer group in advance​.
  • Streak – progress tracking to record the number of consecutive workouts per week​.

Is this for new or existing members?​


New members can benefit from starting their fitness journey with others in a similar situation so they can hold each other accountable and aim to visit at least once per week in the first 30 days​

Existing members can benefit from revitalising their fitness journey by connecting with others and reaching new fitness heights!​

Who will I be matched with?​

You will be matched with members at your home facility who have shared goals, abilities and availability. You can also set preferences for who you want to be matched with in terms of age, gender etc. If you want to join a peer group with someone who you already know then please include that in your sign-up form.​

How will my ERL customer data be used?

East Riding Leisure will not share any of their customer data with GroupPT; all customer data used and processed by the GroupPT app is provided by the individual customers themselves, during the process of signing up to use GroupPT.

GroupPT has been subject to GDPR requirements review and collects the minimum amount of data required to match you in the best group and deliver the service effectively.

How do I provide feedback about my experience using GroupPT?

Thank you for using GroupPT during the trial period, we hope it's been beneficial! We would like to hear feedback from users. Please feel free to email Daniel, the CEO of GroupPT with your feedback​.

After the trial, we will also be in touch with a 1-minute survey to gather feedback on your experience of using a peer group and what could be improved.​ Completing this survey will enter you into a prize draw with the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher. Further details of this survey will be released when it is available to complete.

GroupPT contact details

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my peer group?

Whether you want to leave your peer group, change your peer group, or if there is an incident in your peer group, please email Daniel, the CEO of GroupPT with your request or report.

GroupPT privacy policy

GroupPT is a separate company to East Riding Leisure, and therefore has its own privacy policy.

View the GroupPT privacy policy.

GroupPT terms of service

GroupPT is a separate company to East Riding Leisure, and therefore has its own terms of service.

View the GroupPT terms of service.

GroupPT blog

GroupPT have their own blog; if you would like to read their posts or follow them, visit the GroupPT blog.

What if I have further technical queries?

If you have any further queries regarding the technical aspects of GroupPT, please contact GroupPT or email Daniel, the CEO of GroupPT, directly.


East Riding Leisure and East Riding of Yorkshire Council are not affiliated with GroupPT.

GroupPT is a separate entity from East Riding Leisure and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

GroupPT is a third-party-app, and not owned or controlled by East Riding Leisure or East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

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