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Healthier Leisure

Are you looking to start a healthier lifestyle?

Access friendly facilities across the East Riding.

East Riding Leisure offers an innovative combination of fitness facilities, Healthier services and expert staff that can assist you with achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Our aim is to improve your life for the long term by helping you to actively take control of your health.

Healthier E-Referral

The pathway to a healthy lifestyle.

Healthier Programmes

Health and well-being for a range of conditions.

All our Healthier programmes are run by specialist instructors who will provide a progressive exercise programme, offer sessions based on chronic medical illnesses, and give healthy eating and activity advice all aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Healthier Communities

Supporting residents to improve their health. Are you over 50 or looking for low-level, enjoyable and health-enhancing activities? Look no further! Our Community Classes offer a range of options designed to keep you active, engaged, and connected. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting your wellness journey, we have something for everyone.

What to expect: our low-impact sessions focus on gentle movements that are easy on the joints, making them ideal for all fitness levels. You'll improve your flexibility, balance, and overall well-being.

These sessions are provided by various services and community groups, including:

  • East Riding Leisure: our dedicated leisure team offers expert-led classes tailored to your needs.
  • Health Services: we partner with healthcare professionals to provide specialised sessions that address specific health conditions.
  • Active Communities: deliver and develop community-led activities that promote social interaction and physical health.
  • Local clubs: some classes are organised by local clubs in the area.

Healthier Scan and Boditrax

Helping you understand your health and well-being.

East Riding Leisure will be offering extra help exclusively for members looking to improve their health and fitness by introducing state-of-the-art Boditrax scanners.

Find out more about Boditrax

Health Plus

30 days to change your life!

Set your goals, get the results.

Health Plus is available to all East Riding Leisure pay-monthly members free of charge. The programme includes a one-to-one training session with our qualified fitness professionals, a personalised workout plan to suit you, and nutritional advice to help boost your energy and manage a healthy weight.

Health Plus includes a Boditrax full body scan.

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