Cardiac Rehabilitation

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

This is an eight-week, group circuit-based programme, with up to two weekly sessions in a safe and controlled environment with a BACPR (British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation) qualified instructor, post cardiac event or surgery.

You will get an individualised programme specific to your heart condition along with a safe heart rate training zone, regular monitoring of your health, progress and blood pressure measurements at the start and end of all sessions.

The British Heart Foundation website will be updated daily. This information may be useful for any of our current Cardiac Rehabilitation clients or those waiting to be referred to the service that have concerns about the threat of COVID-19.

British Heart Foundation

You could be eligible for this scheme if you:

  • have had a cardiac event within the last six months
  • you are registered with an East Riding GP or live in the East Riding
  • be able to be referred to the scheme by an East Riding or Hull Cardiopulmonary NHS service

If you are not eligible, but are concerned about your health and want to get more active, why not try our Health Plus scheme, free for all members of East Riding Leisure. Find out more about Health Plus

To join this programme, ask your cardiac rehabilitation nurse or your NHS cardiovascular exercise professional.

To get a written referral, book an appointment with one of the above practitioners and ask them about the East Riding Leisure Cardiac Rehabilitation scheme.

If you are eligible, your health professional can refer you online or if you have a written referral please email it to the HealthiER team.

If you need to call the HealthiER team, their office is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm.

After you have been referred, a member of the fitness team from your preferred East Riding Leisure Centre will contact you to arrange your first session.

This scheme costs £4.20 per session, payable by cash or card on arrival at reception.

Are you a health professional? Read more about the HealthiER schemes and how to refer patients online on our health professionals page.

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