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Environmental schemes

Recycling & Energy saving


East Riding Leisure are committed to reducing energy consumption and recycling where possible, this includes use of energy saving equipment and recycling schemes in addition to sourcing our supplies locally.


  • Plastic Bottle recycling - Use of blue bins, get emptied weekly
  • Cardboard Recycling
  • Paper recycling - Use of blue bins, gets emptied weekly
  • Battery recycling
  • Used oil from Café is recycled
  • Café recycling bins - Waste separated into appropriate bin

Energy Saving

  • PV Panels - Photo Voltaic Panels on roof of Leisure Centre produce electricity for use in Centre & also fed into national grid
  • Variable speed drives on pool water pumps - Fitted to pool circulation pumps so the power is reduced over night when the pools are not in use
  • CHP Unit - Combined Heat & Power Unit on site to reclaim energy
  • BMS(Building Management System) - Automatic & effective control of building environmental conditions
  • Bio Mass Boiler for heating - Recyclable materials burnt at high temperatures to generate heat whilst reducing CO2 footprint (South Cave only)
  • Summer / Winter temperature control settings - Building environmental setting adjusted to suit summer or winter weather.
  • Pool Covers - Reduce heat loss from pool water when not in use
  • UV Filtration, Pool Water Treatment - Use of Ultra Violet rays to kill pool water bacteria to reduce use of chemicals & cut down on delivery requirements
  • Use of CO2, Pool Water Treatment - Use of CO2 to replace need for use of Acid as PH leveller to reduce use of chemicals & cut down on delivery requirements
  • Push Taps, Sensor Lights, LED lighting, Automatic front doors, Front Door Air Curtain all help reduce costs and reduce energy waste.


  • All of our coffee comes from sustainable sources and is Rainforest Alliance certified.
  • safeguards the rights and wellbeing of workers
  • conserves natural resources
  • protects wildlife and the environment
  • supports farmers
  • helps communities to improve their livelihoods

  • We encourage customers to use their own mugs at all of our sites (please just check that they are 14oz or more in size, so your drink won’t spill). We are trialling a 20p discount at two of sites if the customer uses their own reusable mug on any hot drink
  • We work with Lucozade (LRS) and they have assured us that their bottles are 100% recyclable. Plastic is preferred as it has a lower carbon footprint than glass and cans, and can be recycled an infinite number of times. Plastic needs less energy to make as it uses less material.
  • We use local suppliers (from Yorkshire and the Humber) as much as possible to help reduce the number of miles our produce travels.