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Reopening of East Riding Leisure Facilities

Reopening includes Gym, casual swimming, swimming lessons and family swim which will be revised on a regular basis.

The following information details the changes that customers will experience when using our facilities.

Our priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of customers and staff. There are a number of changes in how centres will operate, the cooperation of customers in adhering to these new practices when using our facilities.

We would ask that customers follow these new procedures at all times, if in doubt please ask a member of staff. We request the cooperation of customers in adhering to social distancing at all times

Our Centre

In order to implement social distancing requirements within the centre, we have had to reduce the capacity of our facilities as follows:

The opening times of centres will change, this is to allow additional time at the start and end of the day to undertake rigorous cleaning and sanitisation processes.

Centres will be operating cashless systems to minimise the opportunity for physical contact between customers and staff. There will be no catering provision. Vending provision within centres may be limited.

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Before attending the Centre

  • All activities will be operating as bookable sessions with a limited capacity, separated by closed periods to allow staff to clean.
  • All activities must be pre booked and prepaid for. Walk ups and casual access to facilities will not be possible.
  • Bookings can be made online or over the phone. Members can book activities up to 48 hours in advance, casual customers can book activities up to 24 hours in advance.
  • At the point of booking customers will be asked to confirm that they do not have any virus symptoms before continuing. This is to protect other customers and members of staff, please do not attend the centre if you have symptoms or feel unwell in any way.
  • Customers must not arrive at the centre more than 5 minutes before their gym or swim session is due to commence, and no more than 10 minutes prior to classes.
  • Customer should minimise the number of personal items they bring with them and attend site without any bags / holdalls (with the exception of swimmers).
  • We encourage you to arrive ready for your activity in the appropriate clothing and with the least belongings.

At Reception

  • A queuing system will be in place at the entrance to limit numbers in reception and to support social distancing measures. Customers bypassing the queue will be turned away at reception.
  • At the end of the queue, customers are asked to sanitise their hands with the sanitiser provided before approaching reception.
  • The reception counter will look very different, with screens in place and equipment removed.
  • Customers will be asked by the receptionist if they have any COVID 19 symptoms or feel unwell.
  • Customers will be required to swipe their card to confirm their identity and booking or show proof of payment.
  • Our reception staff will direct you to your activity, please follow the route outlined to the location of the activity.

In the Gym

  • Changing rooms, lockers and showers will not be available to gym or exercise class customers.
  • Please attend already changed and bring a bottle of water with you as water dispensers will be turned off.
  • Please Do Not bring a gym towel with you.
  • The gym will be set out differently to when you last visited the centre. Some equipment will not be available and there will be a one way system in place around the equipment.
  • Customers MUST follow the social distancing instructions provided.
  • Customers MUST sanitise the piece of equipment they are using before and after use.
  • Additional staff will be on duty within the gyms to supervise customers and ensure that our cleaning and social distancing requirements are being followed.
  • The maximum amount of time on some popular pieces of equipment, such as treadmills, maybe limited.
  • At the end of the session customers are asked to leave the gym via a different exit.
  • Please be aware that failure to follow the cleaning and social distancing requirements within the gym will result in customers being asked to leave the premises.
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In the Swimming Pool

  • Pre-booked swimming only
  • Changing rooms will have a limited number of cubicles and lockers available to maintain social distancing. Please follow the one way system within the changing rooms, staff will be available to advise.
  • Shower and toilet provision will be limited but please shower and visit the toilet before using the swimming pool.
  • On pool side, a member of staff will be available to explain the use of the pool and the social distancing rules covering the session.
    • Adult lane swimming - correct lane to swim in, direction to swim, spacing between swimmers and how to access and exit the pool.
    • Family booking - area of the swimming pool allocated, pool rules and how to access and exit the pool.
    • Aquatic exercise classes - location, spacing between participants and how to get in and out of the pool.
  • At the end of the session please leave the pool, change and leave the changing rooms by the route directed.
  • Hairdryers and vanity units will not be available, showering after swimming should be limited to a quick rinse away of pool water only.
  • Currently no slides are in operation.
  • Currently no spectators permitted
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When will the leisure centres be opening?

We're reopening on Sat 25 July (Phase 1, Excluding Hornsea) Gym, Swim and Classes only

How do you know you are doing the right thing in reopening leisure centres?

All our decisions are being guided by recommendations being made by various national bodies such as UK Active, our trade body, Swim England, the Royal Life Saving Society and many others. Once a time scale for the reopening of leisure centres has been announced the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) will release guidance on what measure it will need to see in place for a centre to be COVID secure.

What are you doing about social distancing?

Social distancing measures will be introduced into the leisure centres. These will range from marking out exercise class studios, removing and spacing out equipment in the gyms, reducing cubicle and locker provision for swimming pools through to specific areas set aside for queues at reception.

What are you doing to limit the number of people allowed in the centres?

To comply with social distancing requirements we have had to reduce the number of people we can allow into our gyms, swimming pools and exercise classes. In some cases, such as spinning, we have been able to move classes into bigger areas to maintain numbers as best we can.

Other parts of our facilities, such as spectator areas, will remain closed to control the number of people in the facility.

We have also had to introduce advanced booking and payment for all of our activities and sessions, unfortunately no walk up casual admissions will be allowed.

How will the centres be cleaned?

We have completely reviewed our cleaning practices and sought independent, professional advice on what procedures to follow, equipment and chemicals to use and how to implement the changes.

Centres will be closing earlier in the evening to allow for an increased level of cleaning to be undertaken. After air drying overnight the centres will be disinfected in the morning, prior to the buildings being open to customers.

Throughout the day there will be a constant process of touch point cleaning and, in between sessions, areas of the centre will be closed to allow for additional cleaning to take place.

To undertake this additional level of cleaning more staff will be redeployed onto cleaning duties.

What additional rules are you putting in place to keep people safe?

To help us to ensure the safety of both customers and staff there will be a significant number of restrictions and requirements placed on the customer. We can only apologise for this and request that customers do their bit to support the staff in keeping our facilities as safe as possible during this difficult time.

Restrictions and requirements will differ between activities but in general;

  • Advanced booking is required for all activities, please remember to cancel if you are unable to attend and do not attend if you feel unwell or have any COVID 19 symptoms.
  • Please follow the directions given to you by our staff when you visit the centres and comply with social distancing requirements.
  • Please wash or sanitise your hands regularly and clean any equipment you use both before and after use.

How will you enforce these rules and what will happen to people who do not follow them?

There will be increased levels of staffing within areas of our facilities such as queue monitors, changing room attendants and session supervisors. Their role will be to supervise customers and to ensure that social distancing, cleaning and sanitisation processes are adhered to.

We hope that all customers will work with us to maintain a safe environment within our centres and we understand that customers may need reminding about these new expectations. Our staff will politely remind customers of their responsibilities. However, if customers continue to not adhere to social distancing and hygiene practices, then they will be asked to leave the facility and will face having their access to facilities suspended.

What activities will you be running?

In phase 1 of reopening we will be offering gym sessions, swimming sessions and exercise classes.

Sessions will be time limited and the number of people allowed to book onto a session will be capped.

Unfortunately we will not be offering any other activities at this time, but we are constantly reviewing our procedures and national guidance to see when we can safely introduce further activities and what measures we would have to put in place to do this.

Why are you not offering casual junior swimming?

Due to national guidance on the operation of swimming pools, and the need to social distance, we can only offer adult only or family sessions - which will require pre-booking.

If you are reopening swimming pools why are the saunas not reopening?

Due to the sizes of our sauna cabins and steam rooms it is not possible to implement social distancing measures within them. There is also the risk of sweat and water droplets transferring from one individual to another.

Does the chlorine in the swimming pool water kill the virus?

There is an understanding that this is correct but there is currently little research to corroborate this. Social distancing measures still need to be put in place within swimming pools which limit the number of swimmers and the types of sessions we can offer.

What about your air conditioning?

Our air conditioning filters have been checked and cleaned and are operating in-line with new industry guidance. In addition to this, we will be ventilating areas where possible.

How do I book a place on your activities?

Bookings can be made either online Book A or by ringing your centres reception number. Please be aware there will be delays if calling.

Bookings can be made up to 48 hours in advance for members and up to 24 hours in advance for non-members. All paid for booking must be paid for at the time of booking as centres are going to operate on a cashless basis.

How will you keep the facilities clean whilst you are still open?

Areas of the centre will be closed periodically between sessions to allow for cleaning to take place. Regular cleaning of touch points will take place and we ask all customers to follow the hygiene instructions in each area they visit.

Will you be taking people's temperatures before allowing people to enter the building?

No, this option was considered but we will not be undertaking temperature checks. When booking all customers will be asked to confirm that they do not feel unwell or have any COVID 19 symptoms and this check with be repeated at reception before admission is allowed.

Why have you reduced the amount of gym equipment available?

As part of the guidance we are following we must allow a gap between items of equipment. To achieve this we have had to take the difficult decision to remove some items of equipment.

Why have you moved and reduced the amount of places in my exercise class?

In our customer survey many of our customers commented on how small our cycling studios were and how tightly packed together cycles were. As with gym equipment we have to maintain separation between cycles and we have had to assess whether it would be right to continue to run cycling classes in some studios with much reduced capacity.

In some cases we have been able to move cycling classes into larger areas or studios and relocate other classes into a sports hall.

Even within our sports halls we have had to put social distancing measures in place and reduce some of our class sizes.

Unfortunately reorganising the class programmes have resulted in some classes having to be temporarily removed from our programme.

Are you still providing online classes we can do at home?

Yes, we will continue to provide online classes both through our partnership with Les Mills on Demand and posting regular classes on our YouTube channel

Why do I have to pre-book for sessions and cannot pay when I attend?

In order for us to control the number of people attending the centres and to pre-screen customers we have made all activities advanced booking only. To minimise the physical interaction between customers and reception staff we require all bookings to be paid for in advance at the point of booking. This means that our centres can operate on a cashless basis.

What will you do if I book a place and do not attend?

Members not cancelling and not attending classes was an issue at some of our centres prior to lock down. Following lock down with a reduced class programme this will become a bigger issue if unchecked and we would ask all customers to be courteous to others and cancel bookings if they are unable to attend.

We will be contacting customers who do not cancel and fail to attend classes and will, reluctantly, suspend access to the facilities for members who persistently do this.