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    Our commitment to you

    We will make it easy for you to know what services are available to you, when and at what cost. We will make it easy for you to let us know what you think of our services. We will make sure all our staff are trained to the correct level. We will make sure that our sites are clean and safe to use.

    Our standards

    We will provide a value-for-money service on time with accurate information on venues, activities, times and prices. We respond to our customer's comments, suggestions and complaints in a sympathetic and open manner, providing feedback and remedial actions, within set time scales. We provide helpful, experienced and informative staff to ensure that your visit is enjoyable and safe. We maintain the highest possible standards of health and safety and provide a clean and comfortable environment for all our customers.

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    How we performed against these standards

    Leisure Survey Satisfaction Results 2019 - 2020 (PDF 2.8MB)
    Leisure Survey Satisfaction Results 2023 - 2024 (PDF 1.2MB)

    Child Swimming Admissions Policy

    The purpose of the Child Admission Policy is to help safeguard that group of pool users who are historically most at risk of drowning in swimming pools. In the majority of drowning children in swimming pool cases, the absence of parental attention has been found to be a key factor.

    All children under the age of 8 must be supervised throughout their visit to the pool by an adult in the water with them.* An adult is a responsible person aged 16 years or older.

    In the main pool, an adult can only supervise 1 child under the age of 4, or 2 children aged between 4 and 7 years old.

    In a learner pool, 1 adult can supervise up to 2 children under the age of 8 at any one time (only applicable at sites which have learner pools).

    Get the most from your swim

    • Pre-cleanse: please help to keep your pool clean by following these simple guidelines by showering and using toilet facilities prior to entering the pool.
    • Respect: people of different standards and abilities will use the pool. Please respect their right to enjoy their swim.
    • Speed: if available, choose your lane using the fast, medium and slow signs. Before pushing off at each turn, please check to see if anyone faster is approaching.
    • Direction: please follow the directional signs and move across to the appropriate side of the lane for each length.
    • Space: try and leave at least five metres between yourself and another swimmer.
    • Strokes: please be vigilant of which stroke you choose in the lane, if they become busy then please reassess or think about moving lanes.
    • Equipment: training equipment such as fins and hand paddles is permitted at the discretion of the lifeguard and based on capacity. We offer training lanes, please ask at reception.

    Gym Admissions Policy

    Customers must be 16 or older and have completed a gym induction before using the tone zone unsupervised.

    Juniors (14-16-year-olds) can use the tone zone during junior sessions or when accompanied by an adult. Under 16s cannot use free weights.

    All tone zone customers are issued a swipe card after completing their induction. This card must be presented at reception to gain admission and admission is at the discretion of the centre management if a card can not be produced.

    All gym users must have a photograph taken to ensure the cardholder is entitled to use the facilities.

    Please clean the equipment after use. Cleaning stations are located in the gym. Thank you for your help with this.

    Gym Etiquette

    • Please put all coats, jackets and bags in the lockers provided.
    • Please wear suitable clothing and footwear. No jeans, boots, sandals, etc.
    • Please use the cleaning stations provided to clean equipment before and after use.
    • Please return weights and other equipment to racks after use.
    • During busy times please limit your time on each piece of equipment to 20 or 30 minutes maximum.
    • Please report any damaged or faulty equipment to a member of staff immediately. DO NOT USE faulty or damaged equipment.
    • Photography/filming is not permitted.
    • If you are unsure how to use any piece of equipment please ask a member of the fitness team.

    Bookings Terms and Conditions

    Exercise class bookings:

    • Members: Bookings can be taken 4 days in advance for online bookings.
    • Non-members: Bookings can be taken 3 days in advance for online bookings.
    • East Riding Leisure does not operate with a reserve list for classes. It is the customer's responsibility to check for availability.


    • Most classes (with the exception of those which use weights) are suitable for 14 years upwards. This is at the discretion of the fitness coach.
    • To ensure attendance is logged, all participants must visit reception to pay or swipe their card.
    • All users are encouraged to turn up on time for a safe and effective workout. You may be turned away if you turn up late and cannot warm up.

    Liability for injuries and damage:

    The East Riding of Yorkshire Council cannot accept responsibility for the injury or loss or damage to property. All use of the Leisure Centre’s facilities and apparatus is entirely at the risk of the users. Customers are particularly reminded of the risks involved with the participation of sport and to ensure that all the appropriate safety precautions are observed. Spectators attend the Leisure Centre at their own risk.

    Regulations governing patrons of the centre:

    No patrons shall:

    • Enter or attempt to enter the Leisure Centre by forcible or improper means.
    • Bring any animal into the Centre unless the Council’s Officer specifically permits the visually impaired with a guide dog.
    • Wilfully or improperly damage, deface or soil any part of the Leisure Centre or any article, clothing or equipment provided for his or her use.
    • Wilfully annoy or interfere with the privacy of any person using the centre.
    • Interfere with any officer of the centre in the performance of their duties.
    • Use any equipment in such a manner that that is likely to cause injury to any other person.
    • Use any of the activity areas, if in the opinion of the Council’s Officers, he or she is unfit to do so for whatsoever reason given by the officer.
    • Under any circumstances bring alcohol into the centre.

    All persons using the centre are required to observe the following conditions of use:

    • Observe the conditions imposed and publicly displayed in the different areas of the centre
    • Leave the premises of the activity at the contracted time or at such time as the Council’s appointed Officer may request.
    • Inform the Council’s Officers if suffering from any medical condition and to abide by the decision of the Council’s Officers as to whether the person may be permitted to use part or all of the premises.
    • Inform the Council’s Officers if they suffer from any illness or disability that might prejudice the safety of themselves or others.
    • There is no smoking in the centre – The centre is regulated by and actively supports the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Policy relating to smoking.
    • Betting and gaming shall not be permitted to take place at the centre.
    • Outside footwear, black soles, gym shoes or any other type of footwear, which may damage or mark the floor, are not permitted in the sports hall. Patrons are advised to wear footwear designed for the particular sport they are undertaking.
    • All customers are requested to dress in the appropriate manner for the sport or activity that they are undertaking.
    • Photographs, radio or tape recordings may not be taken in the centre premises unless the permission of the Council’s Officer has been obtained.
    • No organisation booking facilities may grant broadcast, television or filming rights without prior consent from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The right is reserved to take part in any such negotiation, to be party to the terms and conditions of the agreement, and to share in any such income or publicity derived therefrom.


    • Sports hall facilities may be subject to a period of approximately five minutes at the start of every hour to allow for setting up or clearing away of apparatus and routine cleaning. This is included in your booking period.
    • The conference suite will normally be set up to the hirer’s requirement (as specified on the booking form) by the start of the booking period. Any additional time required by the hirer for setting up (i.e. for displays, decoration etc.) will be included in the hirer’s time.
    • Use may only be made of facilities which have actually been hired.
    • The hire of the facility includes all the larger fixed and portable apparatus but does not include items of personal equipment e.g. pens and paper, shuttles, balls or rackets. These must be provided by the customer but may be hired if available from the centre.
    • Customers will be held responsible for any damage they cause to the building, apparatus or equipment.
    • Any additional “unreasonable” amount of cleaning caused during the hire period will be charged at the appropriate rate. This applies particularly to functions where party poppers, confetti or streamers etc. are used.
    • Facilities may not be hired directly or indirectly for the purpose of celebrating 13th-21st birthday parties (inclusive).
    • The council’s officers retain the right to withdraw from any such agreement, and the hirer(s) will be liable for all expenses incurred by the council.
    • In accordance with the council’s hygiene regulations, use of the kitchen facilities is not permitted under any circumstances.

    Persons offending against any of the foregoing regulations and conditions of use will be asked to leave the premises and may be permitted to return only at the discretion of the council’s officers.

    Cancellation Policies

    Exercise classes:

    In the event you cannot make your class booking, we require a minimum of 2 hours notice for an exercise class. Failure to cancel in this timeframe will result in a loss of payment. All customers are encouraged to cancel the class if they cannot make the session. Online cancellations for members can be done online, non-members must contact reception to cancel.

    Sports Hall bookings:

    To cancel a casual booking in the sports hall please contact reception with details of the booking you wish to cancel. If cancelled with less than 4 hours notice no credit will be given. Any booking cancelled with more than 4 hours notice will be given full credit.

    Meeting rooms:

    It is the responsibility of the hirer to notify the centre of cancellation in writing. Any cancellation not notified in writing will be subject to the maximum cancellation fee. A 'moved booking' to a different date is classed as a cancellation.

    Room Cancellation fees are as follows:

    • If a deposit has been made: 100% of the deposit
    • If no deposit has been made:
      • 56 days notice or more: no charge
      • Less than 56 days' notice: 30% of the total hire charge
      • Less than 26 days' notice: 50% of the total hire charge

    Catering Cancellation fees are as follows:

    • Less than 24 hours' notice: 75% of the total catering costs
    • 48 hours' notice: 50% of the total catering costs
    • 72 hours' notice: 25% of the total catering costs
    • 96 hours notice: no charge
    • The total cost of provisional numbers for food will be payable if confirmation of numbers is not received within 24 hours.

    Birthday parties:

    It is the responsibility of the hirer to notify the centre of any cancellation in writing. Any cancellation not notified in writing will be subject to the maximum cancellation fee. A “moved booking” to a different date is classed as a cancellation. Payment in full will be made for all party bookings at the time of booking.

    Cancellation fees are as follows:

    • 56 days notice or more: no charge – full refund will be given
    • Less than 56 days’ notice: 50% of the total hire charge
    • 48 hrs or less: no refund will be given

    Inflatable and Pool Parties:

    • All users and hirers of inflatables are required to follow any instructions given by the supervising member of staff.
    • All users are required to remove shoes, spectacles, jewellery, watches, earrings and any other sharp, dangerous or fragile items and store them in a safe place.
    • Anyone taller than the outside wall of the inflatable is not permitted to use the equipment.
    • Users are not permitted to:
      • Use the equipment until it is fully inflated
      • Climb onto or hang from the outside walls
      • Take Soft play or any other equipment onto the inflatable
      • Take food or drink onto or near the equipment or
      • Perform or attempt to perform acrobatics.
    • Supervising staff will control the number of users on the equipment at any one time depending on the size or age of the users or the nature of the activities taking place.
    • Spectators must stand clear of the entrance/exit area of the inflatable at all times.
    • For pool parties, all children under the age of 5 years must be accompanied in the water by an adult on a one-to-one basis, and children under 8 years accompanied on a one-to-two basis.
    • East Riding of Yorkshire Council accepts no responsibility for any injury or death sustained to any person whilst using this equipment.

    Parents must not permit their children onto the inflatable should they have any medical condition that makes its use a risk to the child.

    Block bookings:

    • All block bookings will be for periods of ten weeks. Outside pitches may be booked seasonally.
    • Payment will be detailed and made via invoice unless a prior arrangement has been made.
    • The continuation of the booking is at the discretion of the East Riding Leisure Beverley Management Team. It is however the hirer’s responsibility to ensure applications for subsequent bookings are submitted by the specified date (around two weeks prior to the conclusion of the current booking) to ensure the renewal of a block booking. All applications for hire of the facilities must be made in writing on the official application form.
    • The Centre’s Management Team reserves the right to withdraw the use of the facility at any time. The hiring fee will be refunded, no liability can be accepted for any other expenditure sustained by the hiring organisation.
    • In the event of cancellation, payment will be forfeited. Only in the event of a facility being re-let will a refund be considered.
    • Hirers exempt from VAT will forfeit their exemption for the whole of the booking period if any cancellation and subsequent refund are given for any part of the original booking unless the cancellation was made by the centre.
    • Any exception dates for the ten-week booking period must be noted on the booking sheet before the commencement of the booking period. Paragraph 5 will apply if exceptions are made after this time.

    Membership Terms and Conditions

    • All customers will be required to produce their SURE Card on each visit to the centre, otherwise, access may be denied or the full admission rate charged.
    • We reserve the right to amend the rules at any time, including the membership fee payable, the opening and closing times and the facilities available. The premises may be closed for maintenance or repair or any other circumstance when the management deems it necessary.
    • All deposits paid are non-refundable.
    • If you are aged between 14 and 15, you must be accompanied by someone aged 16 or over in all sessions other than the supervised gym sessions.
    • Suitable footwear, exercise clothing and swimwear should be worn in all appropriate areas.
    • Cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs and glass containers are not permitted on the premises.
    • Any breakage of equipment must be reported immediately.
    • Rules and guidance information on the use of all facilities should be observed at all times.
    • We cannot accept responsibility for any service or equipment that is unavailable due to breakdown or fault.
    • We cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of customers' personal belongings. Lockers should be used where provided.
    • Customers who cancel a pre-booked facility or activity without the required notice will be charged the full fee should we be unable to re-let the facility or activity.
    • All customers using the gym are required to undertake an induction. If advised by our instructors, it is the customer's responsibility to seek the approval or advice of their GP before commencing any exercise programme.
    • The fraudulent use of any membership or concession card will result in the removal of the card from the customer and may result in action being taken against the customer for the recovery of any outstanding monies.
    • The management has the right to refuse admission to any person who is behaving in a dangerous or unsuitable manner. We will not tolerate rude or abusive language or the threat or use of violence.
    • You have 14 days from signing up online for your ER Leisure membership to cancel.
    • The minimum membership term is 6 months and payments will be taken until you provide written notice to cancel. 1 month's notice will be required after the 6 months term if you wish to cancel.
    • The parent/carer will be liable for monies owed on memberships for CREW card members under the age of 18. The minimum membership term is 6 months and payments will be taken until you provide written notice to cancel. 1 month's notice will be required after the 6 months term if you wish to cancel.

    If you have any questions relating to memberships, including if you need to cancel your membership for any reason, please contact us and we will help with your enquiry accordingly.

    Breastfeeding Policy

    East Riding Leisure acknowledges and supports the rights of women to breastfeed their children in all public areas of their premises. If the mother is happy to feed her baby in a public area, then she should be made to feel comfortable to continue. If the mother wishes to feed her baby in private, our staff should be knowledgeable and advise her of the facilities available.

    Photography Policy

    Customers wishing to take photographs at East Riding Leisure Centres must gain permission by contacting the reception desk prior to photographs being taken, a written application will also need to be completed in advance.

    Dogs in our Cafes Policy

    At East Riding Leisure, we love dogs, and we want you and your furry companion to enjoy our cafe. However, we also want to respect the comfort and safety of all our guests. That is why we have some simple rules for bringing your dog to our seating area. Please read them carefully and follow them when you visit us.

    • Dogs are only allowed at the allocated Dog Friendly tables in the café areas, or on their way to and from this area.
    • Dogs must always be on a lead under your control.
    • Dogs must not disturb other guests or staff by barking, jumping, or begging.
    • Dogs must remain on the floor and must never be placed on seats or allowed on or near tabletops.
    • Dogs must never be allowed to eat from crockery.
    • If your dog has an accident indoors. Owners must clean up after their dogs and dispose of waste properly. Please notify staff who can provide blue roll and sanitiser for owners to use.
    • Owners may be asked to relocate or leave with their dogs if they cause any problems or discomfort for other guests.

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We hope you and your dog have a wonderful time at East Riding Leisure.

    East Riding of Yorkshire Council Policies

    GDPR Policy

    Information on what data protection means to you, how the council complies with the law and what to do if you're unhappy or something goes wrong.

    GDPR Policy

    Website Accessibility

    As a council, we are working to make content on all our websites easy for everyone to find, read and understand, and to make them compatible with assistive technologies which are developed in line with accessibility standards.

    Website Accessibility


    Information to help you understand how the council collects, manages, stores and retains your personal information. Find out how various council services use your data. Read about new data protection legislation and how we ensure the safety of your personal information.


    Prevent Duty

    East Riding of Yorkshire Council reserves the right to refuse admission to any person or persons at their discretion without giving reason.

    Section 26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 places a duty on certain bodies (including local authorities), in the exercise of their functions to have ‘due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism’. This is known as Prevent Duty. In complying with the Prevent Duty there is an expectation that local authorities ensure that publicly owned venues do not provide a platform for extremists and are not used to disseminate extremist views.

    The government have defined extremism as ‘vocal or active opposition to our fundamental values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs included in or definition is any form of extremist calls for the death of members of armed forces.

    Hirers must ensure that their use of any leisure facility is not to be used to espouse violent and/or non-violent extremist views. The Management of the site reserve the right to cancel, with immediate effect, any event that may give cause to activate the venue's Prevent Duty. In such circumstances, the hirer will be responsible for all costs associated with the cancellation including the venue's published cancellation charges.

    Prevent Duty

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